Untitled by Alexis Olson

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

This is a digital illustration created using Adobe Photoshop that uses a variety of shapes, textures, and forms.

As an artist, I produce mainly two- dimensional works such as drawing, painting, and digital drawing. I am very interested in representing the intimacies of human existence in my works, which is why I typically choose real life objects and bodies to portray. The source of the imagery I use in my work is people and things that have actual value in my life. I don’t need the viewer of my work to understand the relationship I have with the subject, but it is important for me as an artist in order to successfully participate in the artistic process. I usually choose muted colors to create a feeling of softness in these moments. Color choice is important in my work because it is a way to provoke certain feelings without distracting from the narrative of the work as whole. My primary goal as an artist is to express the small significances of life on Earth.