Digital Salon Submission Process

Submit work for the 16th Annual Digital Salon!

The 16th Annual Digital Salon is now accepting submissions from UW-Madison graduate and undergraduate students. The final deadline for acceptance will be Friday, March 31st, 2025 at 11:59pm.  Please submit your work for review online. The Digital Salon Showcase Exhibition will be on display in Open Book, Room 1250, at College Library in April 2025 (specific dates TBD).

In order to be considered for acceptance in the online collection and the exhibit in College Library, students need to fill out and submit an online submission form. You will be asked for information like:

  • description of the work
  • medium
  • the course for which the work was created, or if not for a course, information about why was the work created
  • artist statement
  • a link to the work (if available) or an uploaded copy

Twice a year the selection committee reviews submissions and selects work to be added to the online collection. In the spring, the committee selects work from the online collection to showcase in an exhibition in College Library’s Open Book.

Submission Criteria

For acceptance in the online collection, work is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • To what extent does the work use new media or digital technology in interesting and engaging ways?
  • If the work is research oriented, how clear and understandable is the presentation of the data?
  • Does the work represent original thought?
  • Are sources consulted and others’ ideas appropriately cited?
  • Is the work in a completed state or is it a work-in-progress?
  • Is communication – written or in other formats – clear, concise, and free of errors?
  • Is the submission form complete?

Some of the works from the online collection will be selected for an exhibition in April that will be housed in College Library. The exhibition is usually in conjunction with the Undergraduate Symposium. The Digital Salon team will select a subset of the best work that represents different media, fields of study, independent work and media to create an exhibition suited to the constraints and opportunities presented by our exhibition space.

The Digital Salon Team will also consider the following questions:

  • Is the work an exemplar when compared to the other works accepted in the collection?
  • Can the work be printed in large format for wall display?
  • Can the work be displayed within the constraints of the space and technology available?

SOUP by River Kratochvil, Digital Salon 2024.