Syllabus Blurb

Please feel free to add the following blurb into your course syllabus and encourage your students to come to DesignLab!


Need help/feedback on your class project(s)? DesignLab can help you! DesignLab is a free digital design tutoring service for students at UW-Madison. Through one-on-one and small group appointments, they provide tutoring for all undergraduate and graduate students. Get help with all of your digital projects (class-related or not!), including presentations, posters, videos, audio, websites/blogs, infographics, and more! DesignLab consultants can help at any point in the project from the initial brainstorming through the creation process, to help polishing a nearly finished project. Go to to make an appointment.

Have a quick question for DesignLab that doesn’t require a full appointment? You can also chat online with DesignLab or send them a text message. Learn more at

Black and white photo of a laptop, stack of papers, and a notebook with a pen and a highlighter