Looking/ Seeing by Madison Golden

COURSE: Art 636 Advanced Computer Augmented Printmaking

MEDIUM: Digital Collage / Photography & Prints

This piece is a hand- fed digital print with two layers using a digital collage I made. The piece features a boy with binoculars looking into an optical illusion with a copy of himself looking back. I used different colors for each boy to accentuate the dual/ alternate reality theme of the piece.

I created this submission as an extension of my work in analog collage. I use collage as a way to re-imagine and express my personal interpretation of the world around me. I think one of the most important things an artist can do is present a new way for the viewer to understand or think about society/ culture/ etc. I think my work and this piece does just that by forcing the viewer to stop and question what’s going on the image and what the implications may be. Specifically in this print, I used the two layer printing process and color to play on the idea of alternate realities and alternate versions of ourselves. I believe it’s important for everyone to be constantly questioning their surroundings and themselves in order to continue to grow and that idea is central to this piece.