Tidal Waves by Courtney Goodkin


COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Data Illustration

Tidal waves was created in March 2021 using Processing, which was initiated by Ben Fry and Case Reas. I also used the Sound Library with AudioInput and PeakAmplitude. I put in different algorithms, restrictions, and codes for the application to generate a work of art. For sound, I used “Relax 3 Minutes – Rainforest Animals, Waterfall and Rain Sounds,” by 321 Relaxing. Finally, I used Quick Time Video to record my piece.

Tidal Waves combines the aesthetics of nature with a computer generated code. It brings the earth onto the platform of technology into a shared space. The ever changing strokes of natural colors shows the hecticness of the world and all of its different layers and elements. As much as things are crazy around us, they happen without us really being able to control it. I provided a dark consistent focal point to remind the viewer that amongst all of the chaotic components of the world, we can focus in, ground ourselves, and bring our life stability. The hole in the middle also gives the viewer an opportunity to interpret their own view of life and fill that hole with their own understanding of their relationship with the earth. The sounds of wildlife and birds brings another perspective of the earth’s environment. The lines conform and react to the different weather patterns just like the world changes with the seasons. With one small change, the whole movement changes. Almost like the butterfly effect, one small change can create an even bigger change.