Duet by Anjika Verma

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Audio; Data Visualization; Game;  Generative Drawing

Using Processing, an opening-source programming language created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, I created the drawing as well as the visual and sound interactions. I also used the external Sound library for Processing to produce information from the audio files. Gregorquendel’s “Piano Fairy Tale Intro” was used as the audio for the piece.

Duet explores the relationship between sound and vision through the lens of collaborative human interaction. This piece explores my interest in the intersection between play, performance and audience interaction by allowing the viewers to create their own performance in a playful, experimental way. The drawing itself is an organic, colorful flower whose size and color variation responds to the audio’s volume. Though the drawing autonomously responds to the sound, two members of the audience have full control over the color scheme, opacity, and placement of the flower respectively. Through collaboration they can create their own, unique duet with the sound and visuals.