Dreamy Night by Marley Mendez

Screenshot of video

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Coding

Dreamy Night is a composition created with code that was inspired by a song. It moves to the song and uses colors that would fit the song as well.

Dreamy Night is a work heavily inspired by a song I had recently discovered. Going by the same name, the song was written by Lily Ki. I couldn’t stop listening to it and played it over and over. Incorporating it into my work was easy, but since I’m not very familiar with coding, so it was a challenge. Each piece of this was typed by hand and used to create an interesting composition and later adjusted to fit with the song. Its dream-like tune is represented with the moving curves and specific colors, seeing as its dark color palette could be mistaken for the night sky. While my code is representative of the song, I also wanted it to take the viewer away to a far, distant land within their imagination, where anything is possible.