June Thunderstorm by Kyle Schroeder

data visualization of a june thunderstorm.

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM:Data Illustration; Data Visualization; Video/Film

June Thunderstorm is a vector-based generative digital audio-visualizer for the sound of a thunderstorm, relating ideas via simple curves and variations in stroke width. It was made using Processing. Each loop or iteration of the program is distinct due to randomness in colors and the shapes of the blue foreground curves.

June Thunderstorm uses organic curves—some ordered and some chaotic—to conjure the mystique of Nature’s thunderstorm; the blue foreground curves, omnidirectional, are suggestive of a torrent of rain. As the COVID-19 pandemic has lagged on, winter’s depressing effects have taken a greater and more prolonged toll on many of us, including myself as I have remained obsessively indoors. My most intuitive memories of warmer and livelier seasons are of deep thunderstorms that announce life. In June Thunderstorm, changes in brightness are not informed by changes in color, but rather in the thunder’s effect on the weights of the curves: The life is always there, but the thunder amplifies it.