Aurora by Rebecca Bailey

data visualization of music that is meant to look like an aurora borealis

COURSE: ART 448 Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Data Illustration; Data Visualization; Video/Film

Aurora is a visual code that interacts with sound. Its colors are responsive to sound and change based on the types of sound input it receives. In wave-like patterns the colors shift displaying a dynamic light show.

“Aurora” is named after the aurora borealis or the northern lights. I aimed to intersect the digital and the natural by configuring a code that naturally responds to its surroundings in a whimsical and magical way. Many experience awe or wonder while observing beautiful happenings in nature, “Aurora” allows viewers to have a similar sense of awe as they observe the light show created by code. I enjoy creating art that has a juxtaposition between organic and digital. This project teeters on this line through its used of digital imaging and code to create natural looking shapes and responsive colors. I constructed this code using processing developed by Casey Reas and Sound Library (Audio Input) that allows sound to interact with code. This interaction adds a sense of nature, just as every environment responds to humans so does this code. “Aurora” represents our relationship with nature, both in its beauty and responsiveness.