The Sound of Fun by Jessica Levy

data visualization of music

COURSE:ART 448 Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Data Illustration; Data Visualization; Video/Film

This submission of The Sound of Fun is based on how I interact with coding. I came into this class having no knowledge of coding and am slowly learning my ways around it. The Sound of Fun combines two things I have learned in class which are the peak amplitude code and the bezier code. I am proud of my work and have tried to understand code more than anything not only for the purpose of this class but to further my education of what a Graphic Designer can do.

The Sound of Fun is part of my Sound Final Submission Project for my Coding in Graphic Design class. The Sound of Fun explores the use of many bezier codes and sound code to create movement within the piece. This creation represents the playfulness and the hard work that I have done to accomplish my skills in coding, with no previous knowledge coming into the class. When you think of fun, you only think about your actions or the way something looks, not the way it sounds. To me, I’ve always tried to just listen and absorb the sounds of everything because I am losing some of my hearing and want to experience everything to the fullest.