Bloom by Kristen Koenig


COURSE: ART 448: Spatial Design

MEDIUM: Data Illustration; Poster; Website/Blog

This is my complete branding design for the spring AIGA “BLOOM” Exhibition. Meant to evoke feelings of spring, warmth, and new beginnings, this design was created to advertise the exhibition and provide necessary information to those interested in attending or submitting artwork, as well as a website prototype with further information on each artist, and a set of signage that could be used in order to direct the audience towards the exhibition.

As an artist and designer, I enjoy experimenting with new styles and colors. For this project I wanted it to feel trendy and experimental, not just your average take on spring colors and flowers. By using my knowledge of art and graphic design, I wanted to create a piece that exhibited my love for illustration in a way that could be functional and effective in a design. I typically have to create designs that are meant for functionality over artistry, so I really wanted to use this design as a way to experiment with more creative design work.