The Consumed by Hanna Cardona

MEDIUM: Video Animation

In this video, you can view an animation of a woman who is surrounded by utensils and later transformed into a pastry after a fork is inserted through her forehead. The purpose behind the use of imagery related to food and eating is to portray how the woman has been “consumed” by her eating disorder to the extent that her life revolves around food.

Inspired by Afarin Sajedi’s surreal portraits of women, this animation portrays the transformation of a young woman into a panna cotta pastry. This visualizes how people’s lives revolve around their consumption and how it becomes an addictive cycle. This cycle is conveyed through repetition in the animation. I also changed the color scheme to have cooler tones as the woman transforms into a pastry to show how she loses herself.

CONTENT WARNING: This film depicts violence. Viewer discretion is advised.