Lord Aethelstan Vs. Vlad the Impaler by Ardian Yudawan

COURSE: Art 428: Digital Imaging Studio

MEDIUM: Video Animation

A 2D digital animation depicting a fight between the Vtuber character, “Lord Aethelstan” and Vlad the Impaler based on a video where the streamer narrates the lore behind his character. Animation made with Adobe Suite/Blender, primarily animated in Adobe Animate.

This is a fan animation of the absurdist lore of the Vtuber, “Lord Aethelstan”. In the character’s story, he battles Vlad the Impaler in the depths of hell. This animation is inspired by a video where the Vtuber tells the story of this fight. The animation was primarily done in Adobe Flash. Backgrounds were modeled in Blender, and the final video and audio was composited Adobe Premiere/After Effects.

CONTENT WARNING: This film depicts violence. Viewer discretion is advised.