Gluttony by Hanna Cardona

MEDIUM: Video Animation

This eerie animation portrays two creatures in the woods. One of the creatures is reaching for a pastry while the other’s mouth is sewn shut. The pastry is placed on top of a box; however, there is a girl stuck within that box who is unable to leave.

The creepy creatures, dark color scheme, and music from The Nightmare Before Christmas all serve to create an eerie mood. I chose to experiment with a mysterious mood inspired by Tim Burton movies and the book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The creature with its mouth sewn shut and the hostile creature with its mouth wide open represent the internal conflict between starvation and binging. The girl in the box under the box portrays how confining having an eating disorder feels. The focus on the pastry demonstrates the fixation on food that people with eating disorders endure; an obsession with counting calories and skipping meals.