Springing by Jennifer Jiang


MEDIUM: Digital Imagery, Scanography

I enjoy coloring at my leisure. This was my first time trying scanography and it was a surprisingly enchanting process to me, for I get to manipulate the object positions and try to construct a depth of field. To me, this piece showcases how drawn flowers and plants blossom from the artist’s hand, with crayons and pencils as supports, and how this expresses a sense of liveliness, cheerfulness, and creativity.

Scanogram images are made on a scanner and are sometimes compared to camera-less photograms made in the darkroom. In reality the scanner is a form of digital camera consisting of optics and sensors. Placing objects on a scanner affords us the opportunity to see subjects from an unfamiliar perceptive. While the scanner lacks the speed and flexibility of a handheld camera its ability to achieve high resolution and high magnification makes it a powerful imaging tool.

Springing - a digital image by Jennifer Jiang