The Cycle of Fashion by Shuo Sun

The Cycle of Fashion Thumbnail Image


MEDIUM: Digital Imagery, Collage

Through this picture, I wanted to express a contrast as well as a combination of history and modern in fashion industry. The picture itself is an impossible event (a fashion show in last century in Italy with modern people and animals), but at the same time, it creates a kind of harmony and delivers an idea of the cycle of fashion trends. The proportion of the penguins in this picture as well as their postures also reveal the relationship between human and animals. People kill a large amount of endangered animals like white Himalaya crocodiles (for example, a white Himalaya crocodile Hermes Birkin bag was sold for $379,261) just to use their fur and skin to make purses and clothes in the fashion industry.

I created silhouettes for the pictures of my roommates to make it look more real. Also, I made the pictures of my roommate black and white so that the whole picture seems more believable, but I kept the bright colors, such as gold and red, to make it stand out and have more sense of modern. Additionally, I added a couple of penguins in order to let the audience be more aware that this is an impossible event.

The Cycle of Fashion - digital image by Shuo Sun