Sed Rx 101 by Ethan Parrish

Image of a man kneeling in a sandy area, framed by hills and a blue sky with clouds

COURSE: GEOSCI 100: Introductory Geology

MEDIUM: Video/Film

This video was created as a compliment to the introductory sedimentary rocks lab taught here at UW-Madison.

In the face of globally relevant societal threats like climate change, a foundational education in geoscience has never been more important. At an institution the size of UW, however, with upwards of 400 students enrolling in introductory geoscience courses, creating emotionally engaging curriculum becomes a difficult task. In upper-level courses, students in smaller more personal classes are often taken on field excursions to encounter geology in the natural world. Larger introductory courses, however, often lack the emotional engagement provided by field trips, smaller classes, and understanding geology in the context of its natural setting. My hope is that videos made to compliment lab curriculum for the introductory geoscience labs taught here at UW might begin to ameliorate this gap and help students build emotional connections to the curriculum they study, and more importantly the world in which they live.