Love Suffocation by Hamilton Smith

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Digital Collage; Photography/Prints

This piece was created from hand collaging pieces of newspaper I had laying around my house. I also included pieces of digital art to further emphasize the emotions I wanted to communicate.

I created this piece with the intent of visually representing the chaos and disarray I felt, seen and heard amidst the current struggles of the United States. Specifically, my composition is meant to reflect the abundance of information each citizen is trying to digest in relation to COVID-19, social justice and the November election. The aforementioned factors all have contributed to a vast depreciation of our country’s mental health and that is something I can personally attest to. However, throughout all the turbulence, there should always be an emphasis placed within love, rather than enmity. Everyone is enduring a situation of hardship and no one is immune to the societal effects of the pandemic. Reliance is a trait we all must embody to preserve to the other side of this global turmoil. This piece is about the vigorous change in all of our lives and the one thing that may keep us together, love.

A digital collage using words cut from a news paper and digitally altered photo of a man pointing