Shadows or Fragments by Charlie Rennicke

Video game title screen with the words Shadows or Fragments

COURSE: Independent


Shadows or Fragments is a game created by Charlie Rennicke, and features new spins on old systems of combat and choice. Follow Adveh and Freyah as they journey into the forest and unravel the mystery behind the Shadows, creatures coming from deep inside of the woods.

I’ve always loved old JRPGS and turn based combat in general, and decided that I should give it a go, and see what I could do. This is a game that spoke from my heart when I made it, as the themes in the game were inspired by my own life events, some still even happening today. This is a lot different from my previous submissions, as those were animations, but I’d have to say, this was a lot more work to make, but it was worth it.

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