Rice Terraces of Bali by Siddhant Jain

a photograph of rice terraces in Bali

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Photography/Prints

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces of Bali are one of the most visited destinations in Bali, Indonesia. I got a chance to visit when I was on my exchange semester and was stunned by the beauty (especially the different shades of green!!) this place had to offer. Rice farmers here are very simple, friendly, and welcoming to tourists. Given its rapid commercialization as a tourist hotspot, the terraces boast fun swings and zip lines as well.

I am an avid traveler and love to photograph as much of my experiences as possible. My hope is that by looking at the beauty, culture, and personality of my images, people will be encouraged to travel more. I believe in the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone, or “normalcy,” because it allows a person to learn about similarities and differences between other places and home. From all of the travels I have experienced in my life thus far, I’ve realized this: the funny thing is, people aren’t all that different from each other. Everyone laughs, everyone loves, everyone cries, everyone gets angry. I could go on and on! When I was in my exchange semester, I got to experience this, and I really hope that others take any opportunity they have to do the same. It doesn’t have to just be international travel, there are lots of things to experience in the U.S. too. It just takes a little leap of faith to go out and do it!

a photograph of rice terraces in Bali