04 by Jack Duffy

A blue background with the words 04 written by Jack Duffy

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Video/Film

An experimental short film about two friends making a film together.

I am a Wisconsin native and aspiring filmmaker. I have been making little videos since middle school. This project was a submission to the Wisconsin Film Festival. Since submitting at the end of January, my short film “04” has just been selected by the Wisconsin Film Festival, nominated for the Golden Badger Award, and will be screened virtually at the festival in May. I now working on what is next.

Written, Directed, and Edited by Jack Duffy
Isaac Westberg as Chuck
Hayden Ketchum as Nick
Arty Jusufi: Special effects and Assistant director
Aloysius Xiong: Behind the scenes supervisor
Music: Lillie Bauman and Quinn Mierlak

WARNING: Film contains gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised.