Sea Urchin by Emily Smith

COURSE: Art 356: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Video/Animation, Code Art, Audio, Data Visualization

This submission showcases the development and application of a generative artwork that collaborates with sound. The visual art direction ties with a song created by Kevin Arroyo to illustrate a bubbly deep sea atmosphere.

Sea Urchin is a generative digital work that uses sound interactivity and a short tune by Kevin Arroyo to create an artwork from code. The idea behind Sea Urchin follows an underwater theme, using faint bubbly tones paired with lively movement from generated shapes to reflect the deep ocean. The ocean is teeming with life and unanticipated discoveries. With Sea Urchin, the goal was to capture this feeling of curiosity and adventure and condense it into a small sound-based artwork. I was able to construct the work using Ricard Merxer’s Processing library through coding and timing shapes and other designs to the music. The many lines and rotating urchins, for example, were created using the Processing library’s reference to shape designs and then were coordinated to move on the screen in time with the tune. Along with processing, the Sound Library by Daniel Shiffman and Minim Plugin by Damien Quartz were used in the creation of this project. This code was converted to PDF in Processing and made into video form to demonstrate the piece in 2023.