Pretty with Desire by Isha Camara

Pretty with Desire Thumbnail

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

This piece is attempting to describe how femmes, women, must also silence and refrain from urges and desires. Inspired by Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love,” I wanted this piece to demonstrate how two people in love come together and bring the best parts of themselves, creating harmony when joined together. Women can and should speak their desires.

Isha Camara is a 19-year-old poet and visual artist from South Minneapolis. She is a current second year at UW-Madison majoring in Psychology. A lot of Camara’s inspiration comes from her identity as a young Black Muslim Women and how she can try to make space for herself through her art. Since there are few portraits and stories featuring someone like herself, Camara thought why she should create and give voice to these narratives. She hopes her work will not only inspire people who share a similar lived experience, but that it will also inspire necessary conversations about representation in art and accessibility for the audiences that consume these displays.

Pretty with Desire - a digital illustration by Isha Camara