Radiating in My Warmth by Shannon Wheatley

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MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

It is a sprite sitting in a tree. She is bathing in the gentle light that is protruding from the tree canopy while creating her own hum of electricity. To create tension in the piece, her pose is very unnatural and stiff-looking, which contrasts with the use of soft flowing lines.

Radiating in My Warmth is a display of different forms of natural beauty, while still maintaining a whimsical feel that I love. The common definition of physical beauty is emphasized here with the silky ribbon defining the curves on the sprite. I use the tree canopy in the background to create a comparison between the two forms of natural beauty and to enhance the more fantastical elements with an elegant simplicity that does not distract too much. Then, the sprite “radiates” confidence with their exposed bearing that is not hiding but rather stretching out in a pose, a stoic countenance, and with the electricity that is buzzing around them. Finally, I chose to use mostly a cool palette with the piece, but I added a pop of warmth to the wings of the sprite so they would stand out; the wings represent the will to fly, or ambition. This piece is significant for me, because I chose similar features to my own complexion, so in a way, I feel almost as exposed as the sprite. It leaves me very vulnerable. Similar to most women, I suffer from body issues, confidence issues, and much more; therefore it is thrilling and terrifying to see a fantasized version of myself so beautiful and confident.

Radiating in My Warmth - a digital illustration by Shannon Wheatley
Radiating in My Warmth – a digital illustration by Shannon Wheatley