Moon Music by Holly Gunnink

COURSE: Art 102: Two-Dimensional Design

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration / Pattern

For this project, we were asked to create a pattern out of two to three repeating images. When given the prompt I immediately began thinking about using a variety of circular objects and the different patterns and relationships I could create between them. Ultimately I settled on using images of a record and the moon. I wanted to create a pattern that was visually appealing but not overwhelming. I think I was successful in this endeavor by varying the size of my circular motifs and playing with the stark contrast between black and white.

As an aspiring graphic designer, it is important for me to practice skills such as pattern making. This project was a good place for me to try out a different artistic style than what I normally gravitate towards. I’m not used to working with such stark contrast, as I did with the black and white used in this design. This experimentation with contrast allowed me to create a bold and engaging piece. The use of only circular motifs originally created a static design, which forced me to play with the scale, which in turn created visual interest. With this project, I feel I not only created a successful piece, but also grew as an artist.