SPECTACULOUS by Dequadray White

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

To be SPECTACULOUS is to embrace the universe you are without fear. Before entering this physical plane, we were formless, an extension of the source. Remember, surrender, reclaim.

Since we were born, we have been indoctrinated and institutionalized to live in a society where fear runs rampant. With Blackness as the antithesis of whiteness (humanity), those born outside of the constructs and confines of gender and sexuality, view the puppeteering from outside the margins. To assimilate and traverse through such a simulation, majority apply masks to be normal, desirable, and agreeable. SPECTACULOUS is a reclamation of autonomy and agency from the continuous projection of what is “true” and what “should be allowed. Inspired by stoic and existential philosophers, Black art and ancestry, spiritual ideology, & psychology, to be SPECTACULOUS is to defy any and everything that tries to define you.