Loft Restaurant by Hannah Dorsky

Loft Restaurant Thumbnail Image

COURSE: Design Studies 623

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

Restaurant design for a small hotel opening in New York City. The client has asked for a modern, youthful New York concept that can be carried throughout the space and allows for dining and lounging.

The design of “Loft” is a juxtaposition of industrial old world New York and the minimalistic Lofts of modern day. Unadorned old world materials such as wood, concrete, and metal create an edgy feel while softened with a crackling fire, rugs, bookcases, and warm textures. Loft is a space to enjoy a high end meal with close friends in ultimate comfort. The digital renderings for Loft were created by building a 3D model of the space in AutoCAD Architecture and then rendering the image in Adobe Photoshop.

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