Curb Magazine 2010 by Journalism 417

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SUBMITTED BY: Cailley Hammel

COURSE: Journalism 417

MEDIUM: Magazine; Website

Curb magazine is an annual publication produced by 20 dedicated students at the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The class is responsible for creating a central concept and demographic for Curb, pitching and creating all content for both print and the website, selling advertising, building a website and designing the magazine.

Now in its ninth year of publication, Curb has targeted smart, bold women throughout Wisconsin with fascinating and relevant stories that both inform and entertain. This year’s staff took into special consideration the evolving role of print in the digital landscape. With staff member Jesse Koehler at the helm, this year’s edition seeks to serve the needs of an increasingly digital readership with the creation of an iPad app. Overall, it was the staff’s goal to create the women’s magazine they wished to see in both a print and digital format.

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*Note: This is the current version of Curb. Previous editions of Curb may no longer be available.