Heartwarming by Allia Lin

COURSE: Art 356: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Video/Animation, Code Art

I used Processing, an open source programming language created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, to generate the visuals and to incorporate the sound. To create the two halves of the heart I used the ‘bezier curve’ function in Processing. To incorporate an interactive element, I used the mouse-incorporated function that people can use to move a small heart around the canvas. I used an open source Sound Library and Minim, a sound library, to get and play the audio file, and I got the audio from Pixabay. I used “Beautiful Calming Solo Piano” by Music_For_Videos (Oleg Kirilkov) for the audio for the piece.

Heartwarming combines computer generated visuals with sound to provide a multisensory experience. This piece is meant to soothe the audience and provide them with a warm, comforting feeling. Love can be a beautiful, sweet, healing and soft feeling, and I wanted the viewer to feel comforted when listening and viewing my piece. The color only starts when you click/when you hear the sound and that was meant to reflect how love can make people feel better. People can interact with the piece by moving the mouse around to drag a small heart.