Get to Know Me by Maya Hysaw

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COURSE: Communication Arts 200 – Introduction to Digital Communication

MEDIUM: Video Blog (Vlog)

This is an introductory video about myself in the style of a YouTube video. I enjoy having an on-camera personality and using fun editing techniques after the filming process. And even though makeup isn’t something I’m necessarily stellar at, I’m aware that it is trending online and relatable for my targeted audience of teen and young adult makeup lovers.

I created this submission for my class, of course, but I found a way to make it fun for myself as well, because I am used to making videos in this style. When I was in high school, I was part of the daily school news announcements in the Communications Academy and had to produce PSAs and other segments every week for the show to air in front of the entire school. Since graduating, none of my classes have asked me to do that except for this one, so I added my usual flair to this video to make it my definition of entertaining. Perhaps it may seem a bit juvenile compared to a more sophisticated documentary, but I’ve really tastefully used almost every affordance I could in this video: background music, jump-cuts, speed changes, voiceovers, pop-up images, sound effects, transition effects, text, cropping effects (ken burns), sound modification effects, clip filters, and screen recording for b-roll. And in knowing all of what I’ve used for enhancement, it proves my potential for the field I’m trying to get into!