Fluctus by Andrew Wormley

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design


Using 1-6 for the guitar section, each number corresponds with a string. ‘7’ plays the A minor chord. ‘8’ plays the G chord. ‘9’ plays the C chord.

When the LMB is clicked, the screen switches to a piano.

Using the corresponding letters (CDEFGAB), the piano key will be highlighted. Y, U, H, J, K play the black keys.

For piano, ‘1’ plays the A minor chord, ‘2’ plays the G chord, ‘3’ plays the C chord.

Music relates to the human experience as a facilitator of human contact, meaning, and imagination. Fluctus is a generative drawing made to allow interactions between humanity and the vast world of sound. Fluctus in Latin means flow/ wave, which represents the motion that’s in use for this project. Through this project, sound can be inputted allowing the user to control all 6 strings and 12 keys. For several chords, the use of special key bindings is in play to allow for better functional power.

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