City by Ang Li

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design


It is a sound visualization of the song Busy City. It was developed under processing, a java graphics library.

Busy City is music composed by TrackTribe. It’s a piece of jazz music that depicts a busy modern life.

The middle part of this music is improvising, which emphasizes the fact that despite the city seeming organized, the life of an individual is still unique and unpredictable.

The colorful random shapes and lines are a representation of such randomness. The random shapes in scene 1 are a representation of a household, where people relax chat tougher after a day of busy work. The random lines in scene 2 represent a workplace or school, where people with different personalities are entangled tougher to perform their work. The dots in the background show an ever-changing and standardized society.

Tougher, they give the viewers a glance at the highly organized yet fundamentally random city life.

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