EtherealSakura by Matthew Zierl

augmented reality view of a video game character in an arcade, as viewed over the shoulder of a real person

COURSE: CA 355: Intro to Media Production

MEDIUM: Video/Film

A boy (Matthew Zierl) finds himself stuck in a digital world and has to fight his way out of it to return back to the present.

This video is probably one of my most highly edited videos, and although it isn’t perfect, I enjoyed creating and editing it. As I was filming at the arcade (courtesy of Geeks Mania), people were starring daggers at me as I was running around with a lightsaber and disturbing the peace, but I didn’t really care because I was a boy on a mission. And I was just enjoying myself. Editing each clip was a long and rewarding process, but I enjoyed every second of it, and hopefully in the future I’ll learn how to use Blender and other 3D software to implement actual characters and objects in my videos rather than camera tracking a scene only to put in 2D sprites.