Affirmation by KT Simmons-Uvin

A screenshot of an augmented reality animation of a cat in front of a QR code.

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Web or Computer App

Affirmation is an augmented reality experience featuring my first cat-son, Klarg. Viewers scan the green QR code above which will direct them to a link to download Adobe Aero. Klarg has been rendered as a digital 3D model, jumping to a plane with three different colored buttons. There’s been a lot of pressure to utilize the time we have been “gifted” during this pandemic to learn new skills and be as “productive” as possible, whatever that means. Klarg is here to tell you that whatever you’re doing, even if it’s just existing, you’re doing a great job, he’s proud of you, and fuck covid.

Navigating my first semester of grad school was much more difficult than I anticipated, especially with the pandemic. On top of the typical Imposter Syndrome that one might experience in grad school, surrounded by very accomplished and intriguing artists, there is another layer of self-gaslighting revolving around one’s mental and emotional well-being during isolation. Seeing social media posts about learning new skills, trades, or languages during this “down time” enforces ideas of productivity measuring your worth as a living being. I was very outspoken about my isolation experience and how it impacted my anxiety and depression. All I wanted was for someone to tell me I’m doing a good job at existing and that it’s going to be ok; so, I created a figment of my imagination wherein my cat tells me I’m doing great and the circumstances are crappy, so it’s ok to just be. I figured many others could relate to this too, so I wanted to make an AR app where people could play the animation whenever they wanted/needed to, on a surface in front of them with the help of an iOS “looking glass.” I’m still struggling to value my existence during isolation, but this project has connected me with others who feel similarly via the internet, making the isolation not as terrible.

This project is no longer available for viewing.