The Unfaltering Nature of Our Bodies: Seven Deadly Sins Embodied by Isha Camara

Original Image

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

I wanted to humanized the Seven Deadly Sins, as it is is often described to be an inherently wrong disposition for human beings to have. For me, it is natural is feel “bad” emotions, as it is more instinctually. And in everyday decisions, we chose to lean in and out of the instinct. Thus makes these “sins” as good as they are bad depending on our needs, wants and desires.

I wanted to create something that speaks to the human condition, free will and nature vs. nurture. My major is Human Development and Family Studies and I’ve been in conversation about human behavior depending on who they are but also their environment, family, and other influences. And as an artist, I wanted to use movement and color to represent these human emotions.