Dyslexia by Maria Swanke

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COURSE: English 100 – Introduction to College Composition


Dyslexia is a common learning disability that so many people do not understand, so when I was making this project, I tried to be informative. Growing up with dyslexia, I struggled with knowing that other people saw me as a child with a disability. Some of my teachers I had in elementary school were supportive, but many of my teachers ignored the signs, got frustrated with me and would embarrass me in front of my peers. It was at an early age that I decided I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, so I could be the compassionate and caring teacher for another student who struggled with school.There are so many better methods for teaching all children (especially dyslexic children) how to read and write using more sensory based learning techniques. My project discusses those techniques and the warning signs of dyslexia.

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