Bring Fractal to Figurative Art by Wanyi Chen

Bring Fractal to Figurative Art Thumbnail Image

MEDIUM: Digital Illustrations

Fractal maybe the cutest subjects that captures both science and art’s view. Yet most artworks concerning fractal are abstract digital art. In this series of multi-media artworks, I combine photos, digital paintings, fractal fires generated in a software called Apophysis, and also some images produced by me in Mathematica to create a flavor of figurative art that features fractal element.

It’s widely observed that the work of nature sometimes follows  fractal rules, such as the structure of plants and texture of landform. If we jump out from this scientific view, and embrace the aesthetic perspective of fractal fires, I find that they seem to convey a much broader image of concrete objects. When I first play around with fractal and generate a picture with some random parameters, I was so amazed that it looked so much like feathers seen under a microscope. And that’s the beginning of everything you see here…

*More images were previously available online, but are no longer available.