Commercialism as Religion / My Version of Spirituality by Kendra Raczek

Commercialism as Religion Thumbnail

COURSE: Art 107 – Introduction to Digital Forms

MEDIUM: Digital Collage

I designed two contrasting collage pieces that reflected stylistic elements of early digital art. I incorporated photographs I took from a trip to New York City in one piece and images from my travels around Europe during my semester studying abroad in the other.

In Commercialism as Religion I wanted to expose the materialism and commercialism that I witnessed in New York City as part of a greater trend throughout the United States. My intention was to both criticize capitalism’s almost religious worshiping of material goods and to also portray the commercialization of material aspects of religions today. I created the piece with an 80s vaporwave aesthetic, with a neon color palette, and satirical take on popular culture.

Conversely, My Version of Spirituality is a visual representation of what I consider to be true spirituality in my own life. The line work throughout the piece reflects the connection I experience with nature and the spiritual energy I feel through my senses. This connection inspires creative ideas in my mind, which is represented by logical and abstract illustrations around the Greek head sculpture, an art form I strongly relate to. I focused on incorporating plotter and code-based geometric styles of digital art from the 60s and 70s, similar to Sol Lewitt’s Incomplete Open Cubes.