Into the Virtual Lab; After the Rain; Dinner Time & Winter Memories by Jingyu Zhang

Into the Virtual Lab Thumbnail

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

This entire series was painted stroke by stroke in Photoshop digital painting. Into the Virtual Lab depicts a virtual lab developed by the Loewe Lab in WID, and I was inspired to create an illustration about it after talking with other team members of the lab. After the Rain is based on a story/joke my friend and me talked about. It is about the hardship of traveling between Madison and Chicago and the constant delays caused by severe weather. Dinner Time is about one night my boyfriend and I cooked curry together in our newly rented apartment. The room was dim and barely had anything, but we felt warm and cozy together. Winter Memories is about international students and their connections with their homes. When I first came to Madison, I was home sick and missed my young brother very much.

I love to depict memories, relationships, and science in my work. I am oriented to details and find small moments in life satisfying. I love interacting with people. From interacting with people in different age groups, relationships, and disciplines, I gain experiences and they become the subject of my arts. Digital art is my favorite medium because it is easy to share and provides wider viewership beyond gallery settings. All these drawings are done in different stages during my college years. Reaching the end of my senior year, I have really precious memories from UW-Madison, and it is where I have improved a lot. Through my college years, I have come to believe in the power of arts in telling stories and bringing people together.