WisConfidential by Katie Hermsen, Natalie Conant, Shelby Lewis & Alex Stellhorn

COURSE: Integrated Liberal Studies 106

MEDIUM: Podcast

Wis-confidential is a serious look at the world through the eyes of high school and college students. We explore the difficulties faced by young people as they go through an “identity crisis” while growing up through our own personal stories.

Organized in a “This American Life” podcast style, our piece is separated into four different chapters, one for each team member. In our stories, we give true accounts of “things we don’t talk about”, or things we tend to keep secret. We discuss what we keep hidden and why, as well as the memories that are most sacred or most influential to us.

1: Natalie Conant uncovers why people keep secrets and shares one of her own. 2: Alex Stellhorn reads entries from her diary and reveals how writing saved her life. 3 and 4: Katie Hermsen and Shelby Lewis tell of two very different family issues.

NOTE: This project was created with assistance from the former Engage Program.