The American Dream by Casey Ayala, Ronald Jr. Daley, Rachel Bozich & Mark Pedone

COURSE: Integrated Liberal Studies 106


Artists reflect upon life experiences through personal narrative and a series of interviews. Generational gaps are analyzed throughout, and the way the American Dream has evolved forms the construction of the piece.

Four young students strive to represent their understandings of the American dream through narrative, various interviews, and analyzation of the current and past generations. Each student does this through his or her personal experiences or stories of their upbringings, creating vivid descriptions of what the American Dream truly means. Each story contrasts with one another, displaying different views and perceptions of what the American Dream means to each student. Finally, the piece wraps up with a series of interviews which compare and contrast different generation’s ideas of what the American Dream is, showing how it has evolved throughout time.

NOTE: This project was created with assistance from the former Engage Program.