Where the Heart Is by Kim L’Herault, Natalie Perry, Paige Miller & Jonathan Berger

COURSE: Integrated Liberal Studies 106


The objective of this project was to create a This American Life-style podcast. Our piece is the combination of four individual stories conveyed through the radio medium.

The prologue introduces the concept of Home, which all of the pieces are centered around. In the first act, “It’s All Relative,” Natalie Perry speaks about her large unconventional family and her multiple homes. The second act, “Best of Buds,” tells stories from Paige Miller’s abnormal group of friends in her hometown. Jonathan Berger explains his dramatic change of his home as he begins his freshman year of college in the third act, “The Golden Frozen Tundra.” The final act, “Where You’re You,” tells Kim L’Herault’s story of moving during high school and her tough college decision. 1- It’s All Relative- Natalie Perry speaks about her family. 2- Best of Buds- Paige Miller shares stories from her friend group. 3- The Golden Frozen Tundra- Jonathan Berger explains his transition. 4- Where You’re You- Kim talks about decisions.

NOTE: This project was created with assistance from the former Engage Program.