Water Shapes the Land by Chris BoCast

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MEDIUM: Podcast

Water Shapes the Land is the second in a series of podcasts produced by Chrius Bocast for his project assistantship at UW’s Water Resources Institute. The podcasts are intended for general audiences; the entire series is available at UW’s iTunesU site. They are intended to be entertaining and informative.

This episode starts at the end of the last Ice Age, showing how water has been instrumental in shaping the physical structure of Wisconsin, as well as the cultures that developed in the area. Water continues to play a key role in energy supply for the state, but the environmental history of water use has been problematic. Wisconsin’s varied landscape contributes to a complex hydrological cycle, which in turn has a profound effect on how mercury is absorbed by the environment. All of this, including interesting details about the state’s history and geography, is explained in this podcast.