New Evian V Advertisement by Oren Katz

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COURSE: Journalism 445 – Interactive Media Strategies


There are many “random” health factoids hovering around us. Incorporating them into our individual lives, or not, depends on whether they resonate with our goals, values or needs. The Beverage Survey provides a relevant nutrition message using interactivity.

Adolescents are the intended users of The Beverage Survey. Teens new independence and spending power makes them a target for ads, so soft drink consumption spikes in these years. Messages that “soft drinks aren’t good for you” are not relevant because teens feel immortal. However, connecting the message to something they care about, appearance, may help the user find meaning in the health information. The Beverage Survey also considers stage of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action) and provides information specific to each. For example, the initial survey is intended to help pre-contemplaters see whether their sugar intake is a problem.

This project is no longer available for viewing.