Warp 2.0 by Yuheng Chen

COURSE: Art 448 Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Generative Drawing and Motion Tracking

Warp 2.0 is the next iteration of my processing drawing, Warp 1.0. It explores the aesthetic of code-driven composition and creates an immersive experience between the viewer and the piece. Warp 2.0 translates the depiction of a block hole into a three dimensional experience. A rotating celestial body that bends space around it. As the viewer moves towards it, the visual effect becomes more and more engaging. The interactive experience invites the viewer to ponder the beauty and mystery of the cosmos and their relationship with it.

I was influenced by cinematic depictions of black holes and created this piece. I am always interested the intersection of art and technology: how art inspires technology and how technology drives art. I believe that there is beauty in the most fundamental things of our universe.