Hotel Nostalgia by Jake Edward May

COURSE: English 100


In this assignment I recount a unique, recurring experience with my Uncle David and how our interactions and relationship has changed me into the person I am today. I contrast a song that he introduced into my life, a centerpiece of our relationship, with my experience as a skier and as a maturing individual. At the end of the piece I describe how his influence has changed my mindset and the way I carry myself on a daily basis. It is a personal piece and follows no formal or consistent tone of prose. Instead I chose to put my emotions on the line and speak completely from the heart.

This Audio Essay is my first experience in the realm of recording pieces and speaking them aloud, as is it my first time centralizing a piece around a single song. Nevertheless, I had an incredible time experimenting with new techniques as I spoke my essay aloud. It widely increased my perspective on how we can change or add emphasis in our writing. After reading the prompt of the project, one that instructs us to contrast an important relationship in our life with a song, my Uncle David’s name rang a bell in my head. The song Hotel California has been enjoyed, joked about, and been irritated by every member of my family for decades; it’s a centerpiece of our family structure. My Uncle’s introduction of the song in my life was so crucial to me not only as an avid skier, but also as a maturing individual who needed guidance in a place I had no clue I did. My Uncle David is a complete element of my character; I wear him on my sleeve every single day. It was an easy decision to focus my piece around him. Additionally as I progressed through the assignment I realized how perfectly Hotel California fits my situation. The emphasis on our need for self-indulgence and the waiting possibilities of relieving your prejudices connected exactly to my perspective on skiing and the helping hand my Uncle provided. This essay comes entirely from the heart, and for that, I’m extremely excited to submit it.