The Issue Vol. 004: Sensory Overload by Robyn George, et al.

MEDIUM: Magazine, Print Design

The Issue Vol. 004, titled “Sensory Overload”, is a compilation of student work including creative writing, photography, fashion design, visual art and more responding to the topic of overstimulations. Students collaborated to create photo essays, writing pieces, comics, interviews and layouts depicting different forms of overstimulation, from social overstimulation to physical.

The Issue UW is a student organization dedicated to creatively digesting topics in fashion, arts, culture and current events while prioritizing inclusivity and diversity. I am submitting this publication to the Digital Salon because the work created collaboratively is not only technically outstanding, but the topics discussed also created a positive impact to our readers and our members. This issue discusses some subjects that weigh heavily on the minds of all students, from the threats of AI on future careers, to the all-consuming feeling of gender identity and the never-ending race to keep up with the fashion industry as both producers and consumers. The Issue, which was released during finals week of fall semester, really resonated with our audience and our peers. My hope in submitting this piece is that more people will get the chance to read and engage with the content created, and that going forward others might feel compelled to get involved with The Issue as a way to creatively handle the student experience.

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Robyn George (Executive Editor and Lead Layout)
Eden Meidl (Deputy Executive Editor)
Zack Zens (Deputy Executive Editor)
Taylor McCaa (DEI Director)
Olive Bote (Financial Director)
Olivia Bartman (Social Media Director)
Mara Hansen (Makeup Director)
Emily Asmann (Special Events Coordinator)
Meg Bierce, (Special Events Coordinator)
Maille Fox (Recruitment Coordinator)
Sidney Petersen (Photographer)
Ian Vailliencourt (Contributor)
Danielle Seitz (Contributor)
Filip Jawdosiuk (Contributor)
Brett Dunn (Contributor)
Evie Erickson (Contributor)
Sydney Taylor Collins (model)
Fei Smith (model)
Will Schemick (model)
Vebi Ademi (model)
Helena Rezende (model)
Emma Yutong (model)
Caitlin Ziolkowski (model)
Beck Keller (model)
Ella Noack (layout team)
Thalia Powell (layout team)
Mickie Cope (graphics team)
Abtin Mahdavi (styling team)
Ciara Havlik (styling team)
Ella March (featured designer)
Lisa Lor (featured designer)
Joe Urban (featured designer)