SOUP by River Kratochvil

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

SOUP is a vibrant and whimsical illustration that captures the essence of communal connection through food. Set in a potluck gathering, the artwork depicts a girl immersed in the act of savoring a communal meal. With whimsical elements and a bold color palette, the illustration aims to display warmth and invite viewers into a scene of the role of food in the social nature we share as human beings. The central focus is on a girl meant to display the universal experience of bonding over a meal. Surrounding her are diverse dishes. The artwork is intended to capture the spirit of togetherness, evoking emotions of nostalgia, joy, and the comfort found in shared moments. SOUP celebrates the intricate connections we forge through food, showcasing how culinary experiences serve as a conduit for fostering relationships and a sense of belonging in our communities.

I am River Kratochvil, a Wisconsin-based multidisciplinary artist driven by an urge to explore shared experiences and capture the obscure emotions associated with them. My artistic journey encompasses a spectrum of themes, from the exploration of emotions to contemplations on mortality. My work often includes a vivid color palette that offers juxtaposition to heavy themes. I embrace whimsy, boldness, and a kaleidoscope of colors in my work. With each creation, my primary aspiration is to evoke emotions. My art traverses diverse mediums, constantly evolving as I refine my skills. Beyond mere aesthetics, I endeavor to weave narratives and messages into my art, seeking innovative ways to communicate stories that resonate with viewers on an emotional level. Within my creative process, I delve into feelings of isolation, the intricacies of human relationships, and the exploration of self. In my art I hope to unearth personal connections within all of us, highlighting the commonality amongst people to nurture a more empathic world.