The Devil by Sara Griffin

COURSE: Art 428: Digital Imaging Studio

MEDIUM: Digital Collage

My visual interpretation of the devil tarot card. Created using Photoshop and open-source imagery. Photo manipulation, masking, and coloration practices used. Rather than employing traditional, pop culture “devil” imagery, I centered the project around the meanings/outcomes of the specific tarot card.

Other than the prompt for this piece being required for an assignment, I chose to create this piece as I did from the more abstract natures of tarot cards. I ended up choosing the card “The Devil”. This card is not necessarily evil in intent. Rather, it signifies pettiness, blindness, and being caged in by materiality. I wanted to embrace these themes, and depict them in a way that was subtle, yet at the same time obvious through this piece. Perhaps the card has become a commentary on contemporary culture, consumerism, or any other connection one could make. But, I can neither confirm or deny that my intent behind this piece has any further meaning.