Curb Magazine: Navigate by Journalism 417

Jade Anthony, Online Editor
Jaya Larsen, Online Associate
Claudia Prevete, Online Associate
Isaac Alter, Online Associate
Natalie Yahr, Multimedia Producer

COURSE: Journalism 417: Magazine Publishing

MEDIUM: Website / Blog / Magazine

This site represents the stories told in the print version of this year’s edition of Curb. Upon exploring, you can find bits and pieces of Wisconsinites across the state. All stories convey a central theme decided on by the class, this year it was to showcase the people in Wisconsin and the many choices/decisions they will have to or are making in their daily lives. This website seeks to digitally represent CURB Navigate.

The site was designed to emphasize the content, limiting the clutter and directing users to some of Wisconsin’s most compelling journeys. Thinking about the structural and design elements, the hope is that it can be a means of exploration. No matter how you navigate through its pages, you can always find a bit of Wisconsin: past, present or future.

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*Note: This is the current edition of Curb. Previous editions of Curb may no longer be available.